Cumin Prices Expected to Stabilize Around Rs 30,000 per Quintal: Market Insights

In the tumultuous journey of cumin prices, from reaching a pinnacle of Rs 65,000 per quintal in October to now hovering around Rs 37,000 per quintal, the market anticipates a steadier course ahead. Forecasts suggest that the price trajectory for cumin is likely to descend further in the upcoming months, eventually stabilizing at approximately Rs 30,000 per quintal.India’s preeminence as the largest cumin seed supplier globally is underscored, with Rajasthan and Gujarat emerging as pivotal production hubs. APMC Unjha, Gujarat, serves as the epicenter for cumin trade from these states, facilitating the lion’s share of transactions.Traditionally, the advent of newly harvested cumin coincides with the conclusion of February. This year, heightened farmer anticipation for favorable prices, coupled with the Ramzan festivities, might influence market dynamics, potentially anchoring prices around the Rs 30,000 mark before stabilizing.As the cumin market braces for fluctuations, the convergence of agricultural dynamics, market forces, and climatic variables will shape its trajectory, with stakeholders navigating this terrain with cautious optimism.
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