Yellow Millet

Yellow Millet


Discover the nutritional powerhouse that is Yellow Millet, renowned for its exceptional richness and easy digestibility among all grains. Packed with high starch content, it stands as a prime source of potent energy, making it a coveted choice for those seeking wholesome nutrition. Boasting an abundance of amino acids, Yellow Millet serves a dual purpose, being a nourishing staple for humans and a valuable feed for animals.

This versatile grain finds its way into a myriad of culinary delights, from the warmth of bread and soup to the delightful crunch of biscuits and cakes. Its transformative nature extends even to the realm of beverages, where it contributes to the production of alcoholic drinks. Across the remote landscapes of India, Yellow Millet takes center stage as a staple food, showcasing its resilience and adaptability to diverse environments.

Enter the world of Yellow Millet, also recognized as “Foxtail Millet” or “Panicum Millet” in India. As prominent suppliers hailing from India, we take pride in offering Yellow Millet in three meticulously graded categories:

  1. Sortex Cleaned – Purity 99.5%: Unparalleled in its cleanliness, ensuring a level of purity that stands at an impressive 99.5%.

  2. Machine Cleaned – Purity 99%: Crafted with precision through advanced machinery, this grade guarantees a purity level of 99%, meeting the highest standards.

  3. Manual Cleaned – Purity 98.0%: Meticulously cleaned by hand, this grade maintains a commendable purity level of 98.0%, catering to various preferences.

Embrace the quality and reliability that define our offerings, with an HS Code of 10089090. As distinguished Yellow Millet suppliers, we are committed to delivering excellence in every grain, ensuring your culinary and nutritional needs are met with the utmost precision.

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