India, renowned as the largest producer of turmeric globally, boasts an annual production ranging from 240,000 to 260,000 Metric Tons. Indian turmeric, often referred to as “Indian Saffron,” is acclaimed for its vibrant and distinctive bright yellow color, making it a preferred choice worldwide. The quality of turmeric varies across different regions of India, leading to the availability of diverse grades.

SAVALIYA AGRI COMMODITY EXPORT PVT LTD offers a range of high-quality turmeric fingers from specific regions:

  1. Alleppey Turmeric Finger From Kerala

    • Quality: Alleppey
    • Crop Origin: Kerala

    Alleppey Turmeric, recognized for its exceptional quality, is characterized by its deep yellow to orange-yellow hue. Notably, it is renowned for its high curcumin content. The prime cultivation regions for Alleppey Turmeric are Thoduphuzha and Muvattupuzha in central Kerala. Kerala stands out as the largest producer of Alleppey Turmeric, with its produce being highly sought after globally.

    The United States stands as the primary importer of Alleppey Turmeric, with export operations facilitated through the Cochin port in India.

  2. Rajapuri Turmeric Finger From Maharashtra

    • Quality: Rajapuri
    • Crop Origin: Maharashtra

    Rajapuri Turmeric, distinguished by its unique characteristics, is cultivated in the state of Maharashtra. This variety offers specific attributes that make it stand out, contributing to the overall diversity of Indian turmeric.

  3. Salem Gattha Turmeric Finger From Tamil Nadu

    • Quality: Salem Gattha
    • Crop Origin: Tamil Nadu

    Turmeric from Tamil Nadu, specifically the Salem Gattha variety, is recognized for its distinct quality. The unique soil and climatic conditions in Tamil Nadu contribute to the special attributes of Salem Gattha Turmeric.

  4. Nizamabad Turmeric Finger From Andhra Pradesh

    • Quality: Nizamabad
    • Crop Origin: Andhra Pradesh

    Nizamabad Turmeric, cultivated in the state of Andhra Pradesh, adds to the rich tapestry of Indian turmeric varieties. The specific geographical conditions of Andhra Pradesh contribute to the unique characteristics of Nizamabad Turmeric.

Each of these turmeric varieties from different states comes with its own set of qualities, making them suitable for various applications in the culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic industries. The detailed specifications and diverse options offered by SAVALIYA AGRI COMMODITY EXPORT PVT LTD cater to the discerning needs of global consumers seeking the finest Indian turmeric.

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