Raw Cotton - Shankar S6


India is the leading exporter of the raw cotton to world market. Gujarat is production 10.2 million bales, where we are located. We are having our own manufacturing unit as well as we are buying from some good ginning factories, so we can provide the good quality and quantities to world market. We are exporting Raw Cotton to last three years to various market like China, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan etc

The fiber of a thousand faces and almost as many uses, cotton is noted for its versatility, appearance, performance and above all, its natural comfort. From all types of apparel, including astronauts’ in-flight space suits, to sheets and towels, and tarpaulins and tents, cotton in today’s fast-moving world is still nature’s wonder fiber. It provides thousands of useful products and supports millions of jobs as it moves from field to fabric

Staple Length : 28 to 30mm
GPT : 28 to 30
Micronnaire: 3.5-4.9ncl
Trash : 3% Max
Maoisture: 8.5%
Packaging Details: 165-170kg BALES